Michael Gabour

History… M Gabour arrived in Port in 1990 as a result of several serious navigational errors. But, having studied Bonzai Navigation, he knew that wherever you go, there you are… so he stayed. With several overseas partners, he bought, operated and eventually sold the Coconut Grove, the Court House Hotel, Port Cellars, Henry’s Place, the Waterfront Bar and Grill, Pearl Bay Diving and Fishing and Get High Parafly; in his spare time he bangs his head against a wall.
Prior to arriving in Port Douglas, Gabour was a traveling salesman for Encyclopedia Britannica covering the Asian sub-continent from Istanbul to Singapore. He did not sell many subscriptions but logged up more road miles than any previous salesperson in the long history of E.B. He prepared himself for this odyssey by riding a new 1973 Triumph Bonneville from Amsterdam to the edge of the Sahara and then pushing the damn thing back to Andorra where he was imprisoned for importing faulty machinery and anti-establishment views. During this brief sojourn, he experienced his epiphany, which can best be summarized as “gamble on everything, just make sure you use OPM.” Armed with his new credo, he attacked Wall Street and managed to make a mint before the regulatory crowd twigged to what was happening. He eluded the SEC by taking a motorcycle to Florida and jumping on the first boat leaving Fort Liquordale that needed a deckhand.

Gabour did a stint with the US Air Force in the mid-60s but his personnel file went missing so none of his claimed escapades can be verified. In fact, his name appears in no government files though eyewitness reports place him in Havana in 1959, in Tehran in 1977, Kabul in ‘79, and Panama in 1989. He pleads coincidence.

Since coming to Port Douglas, Gabour has kept a very low profile, going out of his way to avoid conflict or controversy. He hosts the Morning Show on weekdays between 7 – 9 am.

Describe your Perfect Sunday morning: On the beach with dog by 6:30. Tee-off Royal Mossman, 7:30. Eggs Benedict and Bloody Marys @ Fiorellis, 11:00. Afternoon delight.

One word: Dare

Tune in for the Wor(l)d, according to Michael, weekdays 8 - 10am.

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