Nick Swainson


Born in New Zealand in the 60's to musical parents, became obsessed with music at a young age. Moved to Brisbane, Australia in the 80's and joined a punk band.

Then moved into the Sydney rock scene - released 2 CD's, and almost made it (The 'Nearly Famous' period).

Melbourne beckoned - 2 more CD's were produced and then, after 20 years of effort, needed a break and moved to Port Douglas.

Approached Micka and the Gusman (local comedy duo) to play some of his music on Radio Port Douglas in 2001, and was offered a rock show as a result.

The rest as they say is history. Originally hosting The Very Loud Music Show of a Wednesday night and the afternoon Soundtrack Sundays show, Nick now hosts the weekday afternoon slot  on PortFM - 1 til 4. Thursday is 'Antipodean Tunes' day, with music from Oz / NZ and the local area.

Australian/New Zealand acts who have appeared on Nicks show for interviews/live performances: Xavier Rudd, Lior, Kasey & Nash Chambers, Richard Clapton,  Nick Barker, Shane Howard, Little Birdy, Renee Geyer, The Butterfly Effect, The Screaming Jets, Ash Grunwald, The Tutts, Behind Crimson Eyes, Rastawookie, OpShop, Kid Confucious, The White Room, Nokturnl, Frankenbok, The Birds of Tokyo, Mark Easton, The Charlie Parkers, Beki & the Bullets, Nomad, Borne, Mia Dyson, The Beautiful Girls, Martin Cilia, Red Jezebel, Butterfingers, Dan Rumor and the Drift, 78 From Home, Sleep Parade, Casual Projects, Way Out West, Jon Stevens, The Braindead Lovers, Grinspoon, Ian Moss, Bobby Flynn, Jack Jones/Irwin Thomas, Tania Doko, Southpoor, William Street Strikers, The Grapes, Katchafire, Adam Hole, Lisa Crawley, Kinsky, Mallory Vanetti, The Mercy Kills, Ten Thousand, The Getaway Plan, Jenny Queen, Shihad, Juke Kartel, Moana and The Tribe, Joe Camilleri, Dave Graney, Jeff Lang, Dan England, The Black Seeds, Tim Rogers, Epicure, Vince Jones, Diesel, Mal Eastick, 8-Ball Aitken, Here Come The Birds, Daryl Braithwaite, Doc Neeson, Bob Evans, Wendy Matthews, Chocolate Strings, King Tide, Red Ink, David Bridie, From The Ashes, The McClymonts, Shelley Morris, Angry Anderson, The Black Arm Band, Glenn Richards, College Fall, Rob Hirst, Karnivool, Misinterprotato, Jenny Morris, Shaun Kirk, The Blues Preachers, Geoff Achison, The Snowdroppers, Neilsen Gough, The Wellingtons, The Cat Empire, Bo Jenkins, Claude Hay, Chase The Sun, Teak, Sons of Rico, Barrons of Tang, Middle East, Neil Murray, Gerhard Mapstone, Stu Thomas, Greg Fleet, The Black Hills, Little Murders, The Fireballs, Jules Boult, Scared Weird Little Guys,Darky Roots, The Happy Endings, Squeaker, Martinez, Friendly Yen, Rose Of York, Tim Powles, Regurgitator, Sarah & The King Bees, Machete Justice, Jimi Hocking, Neil Murray, Troy Barrett, Six60, Aya Larkin, Tori Darke, Lanie Lane, Holly Throsby, Colour The Hills, The Adults, The Working Horse Irons, Vidicain, Lani Brouwer, The Mighty Reapers, Tripod, T-Rek, Syndicate, Daxton & The Sweet Lips, Eddie Skiba, Sherry Rich, Goodbye Motel, The Emperors, Bill Chambers, The Hillbilly Goats, Miss K, Alithia, Rose Carleo, Battlehounds, World Wild, Claws and Organs, The Ruminaters, Kaleidoscope. Micheal Cullen, Hound, Wild Wood, Alex Bowen, Tiki Taane, Peter Calvert. Vika Bull, Inventions, The Painted Ladies, Kaitlin Regal, Mau Power, The Embers, Kathryn Rollins, Dark Fair, Thee Gold Blooms, All The Colours, George Kalpa, I Am Giant, Shane Nicholson, Lunatics On Pogosticks, Humans As Animals, C.W. Stoneking, Strange Tenants, Monte, Bodyjar, Leanne Kingwell, Kimberly Bowden, Made In Japan, My Oh My, Sunshine Brothers, Markus Meier, Christine Anu, The Pretty Littles, Monique Brumby, Lester The Fierce, Monks Of Mellonwah, Axe Girl, The Drones, Lucy's Crown, Creo, The Quarters, Leadfinger, Lyke Giants, Matt Southon, Andrea Marr, One Proud Monkey, Heloise, Penelope Austin, The Bacchanales, Bones Atlas, Gay Paris, Pretty City, The Demon Parade, Greta Stanley, The Artfuls, Charlie Owen, Mike Caen, Ella Fence, Vika Bull, The Ride-Ons, Don Walker and The Waifs - also international artists Richard S Kruspe from Rammstein, Thomasina Winslow, The Trews, Carmen Townsend, Bex Marshall, Noxshi, Sound And Fury, G. Love, Passenger, Mother's Cake, Fiona Bevan, Ken Stringfellow, Hanggai, Jill Barber, Robyn Ludwick, Donavon Frankenreiter, Childhood, Nano Stern, Dan Mangan, James Williamson of the Stooges, Bob Brozman and the Montreal Guitar Trio.

The Crunch is proudly supported by Roadrunner Records in Melbourne, and The Right Profile in Sydney.

Thank you and goodnight.


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