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Radio Port Douglas 107.1 FM - radio broadcasting from the marina in Port Douglas Australia to all of the Douglas Shire and to the world via 'Live On-Line' radio
Radio Port Douglas Australia - Music, News, Local Politics of the Douglas Shire Australia - radio broadcast to Port Douglas, Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Mowbray, Oak Beach, Wangetti and more...

Music, News, Tourist Information & more....

Radio Port Douglas Australia - Music, News, Local Politics of the Douglas Shire Australia - radio broadcast to Port Douglas, Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Mowbray, Oak Beach, Wangetti and more...
Radio Port Douglas Australia - Music, News, Local Politics of the Douglas Shire Australia - radio broadcast to Port Douglas, Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Mowbray, Oak Beach, Wangetti and more...

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TESTIMONIALS Radio Port Douglas 107.1 FM - Port Douglas Australia

A few random comments from some
 of our listeners/sponsors:

Arrived in Port Douglas in early July 2016 after travelling north from Sydney in our campervan!

We loved lots about Port from the start with its natural beauty but what really blew us away  – was the amazing music that we could listen to – and all we had to do was turn on the radio and tune in to Port FM!

Never disappointed with so many genres of great music played – always interesting – not the usual pulp of most commercial stations – and very few ads!

Just great music to groove the day away to – with minimal talking!

Although still like listening to Michael in the mornings with his chats about local, nation and international affairs – and these talks are always interspersed with great music tracks!

The best radio in Australia – that’s why we decided to stay in Port!

Max & Ineke Stoker


"Att: Nick Swainson,

Hoping you're well, just wanted to send through a bit of praise.

Both John and myself regularly scour the online radio world, listening into the stations and shows that we service and tuning in and keeping abreast of radio.

After listening to your show and also to Kim’s show and another fellow whose name escapes me at the moment, it is quite obvious that Port Douglas has the best Radio station in the country.

Hands down.

The presenters we found engaging and relaxed with out sounding unprofessional and the music….. the music… this is what radio should be. Good Music. Regardless of fashion, age (either way) and the sacrifice of substance over what Paris Hilton has on her ipod.

With way too much emphasis in the commercial spectrum on selling ads and making McDonalds radio – it was just so refreshing to hear a radio station focused on music, the local community and radio for the sake of good radio.

If commercial radio is McDonalds you guys up there are clearly in the kitchen making 5 course meals with aplomb.

So glad we are a part of it.


Tim West

"To the WONDERFUL team at Radio Port Douglas!

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support in helping us to produce an amazing event - the James Squire Gourmet Gladiators.

We really do appreciate your kind donations and efforts; without which we would not have even been able to lift the event onto its feet! You have been absolutely fantastic and always willing to help and we would like to thank you especially for this!

The James Squire Gourmet Gladiators was a great success, and we hope you enjoyed the "Ultimate Food Fight" just as much as we did!"

Vicki, Byron & the team at M-A-D.

"Regarding Lou Gladman's letter last week in relation to 'Tourist Radio' (Gazette, March 11).

We love our 'Radio Port Douglas' and everything that this station and those who run and love it, stand for.

We love the music and the wonderful eclectic mix of programming diversity and micro-culture that is 'Port FM'.

The advertising just means our friends and extended family can eat at night and enjoy doing something they love in a way that makes them happy. And isn't that what life should be all about?

As Michael Hutchence once said... "Don't change for you, don't change a thing, for me!"

Long Live PortFM."

Brendan Fitzgerald, Port Douglas.

"In early October 2003, we decided to diversify our advertising, which up to that time had only been through various types of print media. We were unsure of what radio would achieve for us, however we were sure of the market we wished to target."

"There was immediate feedback from the day the ads were aired, which in itself was gratifying, however the interest certainly continued. To date, we are aware of three new listings directly as a result of an advertisement heard of Port FM, and from that one sale."

"These are the ones we are aware of, additionally many potential buyers have approached our selling staff, and have indicated they 'Heard us on the Radio.'
Our company is now a great believer in Radio Advertising, and we intend to review our commitment and ads in the near future."

"Thank you and your staff for introducing us to a new form of advertising for the Real Estate Industry, It works."

- Paul B. Freeman, Admin. Manager, Vista Real Estate

"I listen to you guys all day. Brilliant selection of music. I have always listened to JJJ, but now I am a convert.

- Greg, QLD Fire and Rescue Station Officer

"As I tell anyone who'll listen, you guys are the best advertising tool in the Douglas Shire. Michael, your morning show is brilliant for anyone wanting to know what's going on round the shire!"

- Caryn Ciappara, Owner, Mossman 'Dabble' Inn.

"Dear Michael and Helen and everyone at Port Douglas Radio. We have been staying on our boat in the Marina for the last 2 months and have thoroughly enjoyed your local broadcasts. Great music, excellent variety, fabulous sound bites on natural history and wildlife, political comment and a positive outlook. Keep up the good work and stay outspoken about what's not right."

- Mike George + Sue Harvey, Aotearoa, NZ

"Hi guys - I have just returned to the UK after spending a week in Port Douglas, where I discovered your radio station...I sat with my jaw wide open at times and nearly wet myself at others. So I see you are planning on streaming live over the net... when do you think this will happen coz I can't wait."

- Kenneth Blair, UK.

"Having spent a few wonderful days in Port Douglas at the end of a brilliant trip to OZ we stayed in Owen Street at The Cottage. On our arrival I checked the airwaves and found this cool radio station 107.1. A brilliant mix of music with not too much chat. Something that the stations in the UK could learn from. Your mix of music (which I left on all day) was an essential ingredient to our memorable stay in PD."

- Mike Bonner, Colchester, England

"I turn you on... you demand my attention... I hit all the right buttons... you talk to me, telling me all I need to know... there's no shame in love; or the radio..."

- The infamous 'Simmy', Douglas Theatre Arts Group

"Love your work- I think you should know that this is definitely THE grooviest radio station - groovier even than JJJ! I especially love Suzie, she is hot!"

- 'Jasey Babe', UK.

"What's all that about?"

- Anonymous

Radio Port Douglas Australia - Music, News, Local Politics of the Douglas Shire Australia - radio broadcast to Port Douglas, Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Mowbray, Oak Beach, Wangetti and more...

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